We are a fee-only advisor

meaning you never have to worry we are making a recommendation just to generate a commission. We are compensated only by our clients, primarily based on assets under management. Very simply, this puts us on the same side of the table as our clients, aligning our interests together.

Being a fee-only advisor, not affiliated with a broker/dealer, means 100% complete objectivity and freedom of all biases. We do not accept any direct or indirect payments, commissions, soft dollars, or other remuneration from product providers. Our only source of revenue is a direct client advisory fee.


100% Complete Objectivity


100% free from biases

Additionally, because we bill most fees quarterly in arrears, our clients have the ability to simply move their account if they are not happy with their service or performance. That said, we caution our clients to view performance in relation to risk as we obviously cannot control the market. We simply do our very best at maximizing growth while minimizing risk.

All of our portfolio reviews will include a discussion on not only performance of the portfolio, but the mathematical risk taken among the assets.