At Maccio Financial we provide our individual clients with a high understanding of their financial situation and offer quality information and superior services in order to better pursue their financial goals.

We put our client’s goals first and because we are independent we work strictly for the client with no conflicts of interest.

Our goal is to help our clients and their families develop strategies that will meet their long-term goals by helping them manage, protect, and grow what they worked so hard to build.

We provide a full range of investments and offer financial advisory services, which include the following:

Account Types

  • Individual and Joint Brokerage
  • IRAs and ROTHs
  • Custodial Accounts, 529 and Coverdell

Investment Products and Services

Most of our retail accounts focus on individual stocks and exchange traded funds.
There are many benefits of using individual stocks and ETFs as opposed to mutual funds:

  • Stocks and ETFs trade intraday while mutual funds trade only at the end of the day.  This means you are not able to exit a mutual fund position as quickly as you can exit a stock or ETF position.  This is a very important distinction in a fast falling market environment.
  • It is a fact that 96% of actively traded mutual funds do not outperform their benchmark.  This means the average mutual fund investor is typically paying a premium for sub-par performance.
  • Stocks and ETFs are able to have stop losses on the positions.  This is not a possible option on mutual funds.  This means that we can control losses much easier and more methodically on stock and ETF positions.