We are the leading provider of business retirement plans because we do three things better than anyone else.

Our retirement plans are priced, on average, 1% LESS THAN our competitors.

A plan sponsor has the obligation to ensure fees are reasonable.  Most business owners do not not their all-in expense of their retirement plan because most of the fees are “hidden” inside of the fund expenses.

Additionally most American workers have no idea how much money they need to maintain a retirement consistent with their standard of living and most of these people are not saving what they need to retire.

We want to help American workers by providing them a less expensive retirement plan AND the education to help them understand their retirement goals.

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We screen all investment options based on a proprietary fiduciary score which includes total returns, risk-adjusted returns, expenses, and other portfolio statistics.

We are completely investment agnostic and so our intention is always to include the best investment options within their respective asset classes.

Additionally, we use both mutual funds (majority passively managed) and exchange traded funds. We also monitor and automatically replace investment options as needed to ensure the participants always have the best investment options available.

Because we are Registered Investment Advisers, we are able to serve as ERISA 3(38) Fiduciaries on our clients’ retirement plans.

This shifts most of the legal liability from the plan sponsor to ourselves.

We do this because we are investment experts and as such we are better able to perform fiduciary duties and obligations.  This also allows the business owner to do what they do best which is run their business.