Custodial ROTH accounts are a great way for youngsters to take advantage of the power of compounding on a tax-free basis.

If a child has earned income (including income from babysitting or yard work), that child can save in a ROTH account (subject to income limitations) and obtain completely tax-free growth.

Additionally, he/she can access contributions dollars in that account to be used for any reason without tax or penalty.
This is one of the most beneficial but underutilized investment strategies available in today’s marketplace.


Our custodial ROTH accounts have NO INITIAL MINIMUM INVESTMENT REQUIREMENT and have a very low minimum monthly contribution amount of only $25.00.

Additionally, our typical investments have no transactions charges and have a management fee of only 50 basis points.

We price our custodial ROTH accounts as low as possible to provide greater growth to the client because we are passionate about providing youngsters the ability to start saving in the best way possible.