We are the only fee-only Certified Financial Planning™ firm in the US Virgin Islands.  We are a comprehensive financial planning firm providing asset management and goal oriented planning services.

We offer a no fee initial consultation where we provide a review of current holdings and recommendations on how to improve a portfolio.  Our focus is always on maximizing return while minimizing risk and we do this using a variety of advanced technology tools.

We help individuals and families, small to large size businesses, and government and non-profit organizations.  We help plan for both short and long term goals and our most common assistance includes tax and business strategies and retirement and college planning.


100% Complete Objectivity


100% free from biases


CFP® Exam Passing Rate

Because we are fee-only and not associated with a broker/dealer, we are 100% unbiased and will always recommend the investments that we feel are most appropriate in our clients’ portfolios.

Doing this aligns our own objectives with those of the client.  Simply stated, there is never a conflict of interest with our clients and we will always focus on both the growth and protection of our clients’ money.